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Louis Vuitton Monsuri PM Emplant Noir Black

Louis Vuitton Monsuri PM Emplant Noir Black

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monsuri PM Emplant Noir Black Rucksack Backpack, a stylish and functional accessory for women. This item boasts a sleek design with a spacious interior, perfect for carrying your essentials. The exterior color is a chic Noir, complemented by the Louis Vuitton Louise product line. The model is Louis Monsuri, and the style is a backpack.

This item is perfect for those who appreciate luxury and practicality. It is brand new with tags, ensuring its excellent quality. With its multiple compartments and sturdy straps, it is an ideal choice for everyday use or travel.

100% authentic! Please send me offers!

Originally bought in Arizona during spring break but ended up not even using it! Now I need money to pay for college and to get it out of my room! 🫶🏼🩷

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